This March,

Polaris Fall


Here comes the opening of a ceremony when obscure streetlights scatter the dense night.

We are not able to see the feast in heaven, but we can imagine the pure and grand fireworks set by the angels, so beautiful yet refreshing the snow. Those snowflakes, nurtured by the cloud and thorn by the wind, must be petals of the fireworks.

And this is the blessing sent from heaven.

I was granted with such blessing as well.

After lunch, I went out with a single layer and a scarf around my neck.

Pushing open the gate of my building, I was greeted with such unabashed snow. The streets, the spinney and wherever I lay my eyes were dusted with dazzling white. It was like I was the one who had intruded into their world—— a world that should have been colorful, but now muted into different shades of white.

Somehow, I was the first one to step into this new world. My visit was so abrupt that it could compete with the bark after “the monk knocks the door in the moonlight” in Jia Dao’s eyes. The little bumps and hollows along the road, the tiny cracks hidden in the grass, the fragile petals peeping through the fallen leaves and the footsteps printed in the sand. All these were molded into one stillness. Was it a trace of shyness from the first-time visit, or was it because I didn’t have the heart to step on the perfect carpet? Anyway, I stopped myself from moving my feet. I just stood there at the gate, unmoving.

Then I looked up. I saw fairies.

It was the fairy of winter. It was the fairy of snow. It was purity in the form of its own. Just a silhouette, it was you.

It was just a shadow, from across the street, out of the corner of my eyes. I wiped the snowflakes on my glasses and looked again.

You were just a silhouette. But you must be as interesting because you were an earlier bird than I was and knew how to appreciate snow. Even though you just flashed across my eyes and were gone when I blinked, I still believed that you, you must be a fairy.

So two chains of footprints appeared in the carpet of snow.

On crossing the street, I started looking for you. There you are, under a roof at the corner.

You curled up and wrapped yourself in a small blanket covered with snow. Beside you stood a dustbin. All the litter was scattered here and there. I started to think what’s wrong when you looked up.

Below your lifeless eyebrows, red veins colored your black eyes. Some strands of hair covered your face. But I could still see your lips, dry and white. In your eyes, there was no guard to be found, just fatigue. The tiredness was like a war that was bound to be won. Your eyes were waiting and looking. I suddenly felt so arrogant looking down at you. So I slowly squatted down to level with your eyes.

   At this point, the wind was shouting through the woods.

   Suddenly, you stood up. The snowflakes fled from the sudden movement. I looked up. My glasses were fogged by my breath. When I could see you clearly again, you were shaking, even your eyes.

   Were you afraid?

   Or, were you cold?

   When I occupied myself guessing, you fell down on the ground. I was shocked. But soon the shock was replaced by sympathy.

     I was scared, I stood up and decided to leave. When I looked back, the small blanket could no longer cover your weak body. But here you lay quietly beside the dustbin. Your body lay parallel with the fallen dustbin, the narrow street and the snow blown by the wind. And I ran back in a hurry, leaving footprints all around you. All these footprints, together with the footprints I left when I came, looked just like the big dipper. The place you were lying, was the North Star, Polaris.

There's a tremendous sense of adventure to be gained from exploring by night, an experience that simply can not be achieved when the sun is above the horizon. I struggle to believe anyone could truly not find satisfaction in wandering the land alone once the majority of the population has retired to the comfort of their beds, for it is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of diurnal life and provides a soothing representation of our planet, once one dispels the typical myths and breaks through the plethora of irrational fears we have grown to associate with the night. The lust for nocturnal adventure thus seems to be an uncommon trait in human beings, there seems to be a switch in most of us that forces us to seek shelter rather than head out into the darkness, but if you can rupture your circadian rhythm and force yourself out into the night,there's a whole universe waiting to be discovered out there while the rest of the world is asleep.

Minhang has a date with the stars,


Drunk in the beautiful night sky!

Chasing the unknown, accompanied only by the stars in the sky, the crickets buzzing in the undergrowth and the gentle calls of the midnight owls carried over calm air, even the drone of distant freight trains rolling over the horizon only enriches the atmosphere as the moon casts one's soft shadow down onto the dewsoaked grass below. It is a true wonder to discover the world by night- with the reduced visibility, every sense becomes heightened and one becomes much more aware of the surrounding space. A strong sense of connection with the universe can develop as its delicate beads of light dangle graciously overhead.With the sun's bright light blocked by the mass of our rocky planet, a windowinto our universe is revealed to the naked eye and on almost any clear night,the most gratifying form of entertainment I know can be sought by looking up to the heavens to watch meteors striking the atmosphere while satellites glide gently on their arcing paths across the sky.

Go to Jinjiang Amusement Park,


And spend your romantic night!

The best views don't often come easy and some may even require the disregard of social etiquette to be witnessed at night. Many of the world's most interesting locations are hidden behind walls and fences, not all of them have a ticket office and it's sure to close at sundown if there is one. Some abandoned locations are deemed too dangerous to be accessible to the general public, some are major attractions that are just more enjoyable without the hoards of tourists. I'm sure most people would prefer not to trespass, however even fortress walls can be no match for a determined explorer. Once inside the perimeter, it can feel like you own the place for the night, an awesome sensation that builds a great bond with the site, a sensation that my shrivelled, sleep deprived brain could never accurately describe with words, so I attempt to share the sensation through the medium of photography, using a camera to turn night into day,capturing surreal views that exist within our reality yet lie hidden from our eyes beyond a veil of darkness.

图片 1


图片 2

Beside the fantastic array of bright, colorful lighting displayed in night photography, there is another deeper element that becomes captivating upon closer inspection. By capturing a long exposure, something is created that is far more than just a photograph. A camera becomes a device that allows us to peer into the fourth dimension, enabling us to perceive time in a manner that our eyes were not made to see. In one photograph, so many events can contribute to the final result that it is easy to understand why long exposures have been likened to watching an entire movie in one frame. Using light as our paint, and the world as our canvas we are able to project our emotions, reducing four-dimensional events into two-dimensional illusions that represent far more than a simple snapshot ever could.

Jinjiang Amusement


Park Stars Garden Party,

As one might expect, the life of a night photographer can be often be a solitary existence so there can be a a great sense of relief to find others who share the same level of lunacy, even if they are on the other side of the planet.When I received a message from a mysterious Chinese girl called Xiao Yang, the first thing that struck me was that Xiao was so determined to get to the formerHouse of the Bulgarian Communist Party in Bulgaria, she was even willing to walk the 12 Km road up to the 1.4 Km peak of Mount Buzludzha alone to see the spectacle for herself. That is a challenge, a commitment I found respectable,having twice conquered the peak myself already. It didn't take me long to realise I should probably join her, so I offered to take the wheel in a hire car and off we went. That chance meeting set something in motion that neither of us was really aware of at the time. We were both already keen travellers,myself already well experienced in creeping around with a camera at night, but to look back at everything that has happened since those first few messages-well, to put it bluntly, it's been one hell of a ride so it should come as no surprise that Xiao has made a book drawing from the vast list of offbeat places she has explored and documented either alone, or on one of our midnight escapades.

Light up Your Night Sky


When it comes to Modu City’s oldest amusement park, you must think of Jinjiang Amusement Park and the park’s iconic big wheel! Before and after this New Year, Jinjiang Amusement Park launched a popular “Dancing Fox Lighting Carnival”, so that many citizens and tourists could enjoy themselves in visiting the night market, eating a snack and watching the beautiful lanterns; the activity was well received by all the participants.

Even on our first adventure we pushed the boundaries of our own existence and we have faced an array of bizarre situations since. We've witnessed the unimaginable,there have been many great times, contrasted by just as many lows. We have screamed in excitement and cried tears of joy, we have questioned our sanity,and questioned whether we would even make it home alive. Every adventure of ours been more hair raising than the last, the locations on our hit-list would usually make for some great images regardless but together our collective attitude seems to consistently enhance our creativity to new levels. Xiao was by my side while I created many of my most popular images, it shouldn't take too long to guess who was wading around in an underground river to help me create the image that later won me the International Light Painting Award back in 2013 and if the future was to bring another similar accolade, I am in no doubt that Xiao will have had a hand in it. I can think of no other person I would rather explore with so It is with great pride that I am able to now introduce you to Xiao Yang's world of illusions within ruins.

图片 3


Look! The second season of “Dancing Fox Lighting Carnival” – “Jinjiang Amusement Park Stars Garden Party” also begins! How interesting is it to visit the garden at night? Just follow Min Min and have a look!


originality black technology, modern light show lights up your night

Mark O'Neill

When modern lighting is combined with originality and black technology, you will absolutely be dizzying! Look! The light show well received at “Dancing Fox Lighting Carnival” will be performed at “Jinjiang Amusement Park Stars Garden Party” again, and the light is ready to “show off” itself at night!

NocturnalWanderer, Photographer and Historian

Tunnel of Shadow Corridor of Light

Founder of Digital Noise Photography

图片 4

Winner of International Light Painting Award 2013

Do you want to stroll down the long corridor of light? Then the Tunnel of Shadow composed of circular light strips and 100-meter Corridor of Light composed of square light installations can satisfy you. Walking in the tunnel and corridor where the color is constantly changed with the rhythm, with a sea of lights overhead and endless black in the distance, you can absolutely become the most dazzling lightspot in the night sky ~

Magic cube show of shadow

图片 5

Besides the dazzling lights, there is also music, and magic cube show of shadow combines the music and lights. So if you like music, just call with the rhythm!

Immersive interactive experience

图片 6

Besides the magic cube show of shadow, the black technology of “Jinjiang Amusement Park Stars Garden Party” also includes this – recently, many white sphere lamps are added beside the popular Ferris Wheel, and it is heard that only a blow can control the brightness and duration of the white lighting sets! Do you feel that you have owned the whole Jinjiang Amusement Park?


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